Terms & Conditions



For the clarity of our guests and clients, the concepts corresponding to reservations and payments are defined:

Maximum cancellation time: for flexible rates it will be 72 hours before the arrival date without penalty. For non-refundable rates, no maximum time will apply, in this case it will be a 100%

No show penalty: the non-presentation of the guest on the reserved date, will give the hotel the power to release the room or keep it according to negotiation criteria, in any In this case, the night not presented or the total of the stay will be charged according to the type of rate purchased.

Early departure: corresponds to departure before the initial reserved date, in this case it will be the hotel's discretion to charge the remaining nights according to the type of rate charged.

Check in time: the hotel will make the appropriate room available to the guest according to the reserved rate at 3:00 p.m. local time

Check out time: the hotel must receive the room in perfect condition from the guest at 12:00 p.m. Local noon hour

Early check in: this request for early entry or prior to the time established by the must be received 24 hours prior to the arrival date and could generate additional charges.

Late check out: If you need to extend the departure time scheduled by the hotel (12:00 noon), you must notify the day before to evaluate the possibility and additional charges may apply depending on the type of rate.

19% VAT tax: this tax will be charged to all national passengers residing in the country, in all applicable consumptions.

Consumption tax 8%: tax charged on the consumption of food and beverages for all hotel guests, regardless of their nationality or residence.  

VAT exemption: it will only apply on the concept of accommodation and for foreign guests or Colombians residing abroad, demotrable with a passport stamp or registered address.

Additional person: Any additional person to the one confirmed in the initial reservation will generate an additional amount in USD or in COP (depending on the currency of the reserved rate), this amount will be USD 100 or COP 220,000 plus the applicable tax. An additional person is considered when the passenger is over 12 years old. Does not include Breakfast

Child between 4 -11 years old: it  will generate an additional amount in USD or in COP (depending on the currency of the reserved rate) this amount will be USD 50 or COP 110,000 plus the applicable tax. It includes breakfast.  

Currency conversion: Rates confirmed in Dollars will be guaranteed at the time of reservation and the conversion to Colombian pesos will be informative based on the exchange rate on the day of the reservation. This currency conversion may fluctuate at the time of payment according to the type of rate and negotiation (prepaid, at check in or check out) applying the official exchange rate. In the case of payments with international cards, the fluctuations in relation to the charges made in Colombian Pesos will correspond to the exchange rates of each bank or franchise.




If for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Hotel or the Customer (including, but not limited to, strikes, labor disputes; laws, regulations or orders issued by government authorities; civil disorder; disasters, terrorist acts, acts of war; fortuitous event and force majeure; fire, flooding or other emergency situation; delays in necessary and essential repairs to the Hotel) is impossible or illegal for the Hotel or the Customer to comply with the acquired obligations at the time of booking, such breach is deemed excused and the affected party may reschedule or cancel it without any further liability (penalty charges), and deposits made shall be refunded. The Parties agree to negotiate in good faith the rescheduling reservation cancelled by chance or force majeure. Deposits may be applied to the rescheduled booking.



By virtue of Law 1480 of 2011, Article 47 SIC, in all contracts for the sale of goods and provision of services, it applies only to non-face-to-face purchases made on the website www.hotelescharleston.com,  www.hotelcharlestonsantateresa.com  or through any other third party online channel that sells rates, availability and / or content of the Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa, requesting this right in writing to centralreservation@hotelescharleston.com  maximum five business days after purchase, provided that the arrival date is not within the next five (5) days and / or when between the time the right of withdrawal is exercised and the agreed date for the start of the purchase. provision of the service in less than five (5) days, the consumer's right of withdrawal will be understood to have been agreed and the refund or refund authorization will be made to the channel that executed the sale.



HOTEL CHARLESTON SANTA TERESA is an accommodation and lodging establishment committed to caring for the environment, maintaining and improving the socio-cultural and economic impacts that it generates in a positive way, minimizing the negative impacts generated or related to the development of its activities. In compliance with current legislation through the design, implementation and control of the SGS Sustainability Management System, which is part of the SIG Integrated Management System. 
All collaborators, suppliers, clients, and guests know their rights and duties in terms of sustainability, being responsible with the rational use of natural resources, committed to the importance of impacting our ecosystem in a positive way, being located in the historic center of the City of Cartagena de Indias we are committed to promoting the local cultural heritage, as well as traditional festivals, handicrafts, gastronomy, representative monuments and infrastructure of the walled city.

Charleston Hotels in its commitment to the environment promotes the use of renewable energy; do you know what are renewable energies? 

We are committed to the growth and development of our people, for this reason we support our community by acquiring its products, also contributing to the solidarity economy, we are against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, guiding some of our activities in the prevention of CSEC.



Charleston Hotels in its commitment to the environment promotes the use of renewable energy.

The renewable energy sources are abundant and clean resources that do not produce greenhouse gases and other emissions harmful to the environment as  CO2 emissions , something that does happen with non - renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels.

Hydraulic energy: It is produced by falling water. Hydroelectric plants in dams use the water held in reservoirs or swamps at high altitude. The water in its fall passes through hydraulic turbines, which transmit the energy to an alternator, which converts it into  electrical energy .

Wind power: It is the kinetic energy produced by the wind. Through the aerogenerators or windmills, the air currents are used and transformed into electricity. Within  wind energy , we can find offshore wind, whose wind farms are located offshore.

Solar energy: This type of energy is provided by the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation (mainly light, heat and ultraviolet rays). The use of the sun's energy can be derived into solar thermal energy (used to produce low-temperature hot water for sanitary use and heating) solar photovoltaic (through semiconductor plates that are altered by solar radiation), etc.

Geothermal energy: It is one of the least known renewable energy sources and is stored under the earth's surface in the form of heat and linked to volcanoes, hot springs, fumaroles and geysers. Therefore, it is the one that comes from the interior of the Earth.

Tidal energy: The movement of tides and ocean currents are capable of generating electrical energy in a clean way. If we speak specifically of the energy produced by waves, we would be producing wave energy. Another type of energy that takes advantage of the thermal energy of the sea based on the temperature difference between the surface and the deep waters is known as tidal wave.

Biomass energy: It is from the use of animal and plant organic matter  or agro-industrial waste. It includes waste from agricultural, livestock and forestry activities, as well as by-products from the agri-food and wood processing industries.



HOTEL CHARLESTON SANTA TERESA supports and complies with the laws 679 of 2001 (Art. 16, 17 and 19) 1336 2009, Act 599 of 2000 and Resolution 3840 of 2009 which aim to issue protective measures against exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse against children and adolescents.

ARTICLE 20. SANCTIONS. The Ministry of Economic Development will impose the following sanctions, in accordance with the procedure established for that purpose in Law 300 of 1996:
1. Fines up to three hundred (300) current legal monthly minimum wages, which will be allocated to the Tourism Promotion Fund for the purposes of this law.
2. Suspension for up to ninety (90) calendar days of registration in the National Tourism Registry.
3. Cancellation of the inscription in the National Tourism Registry that will imply the prohibition of exercising the tourist activity during five (5) years from the sanction. The Ministry of Economic Development may delegate this surveillance and control function to the territorial entities.
This delegation, however, does not exclude the responsibility of the delegator for the actions or omissions of the delegates.



HOTEL CHARLESTON SANTA TERESA protects the flora and fauna of our region and our country. For this reason, it does not motivate or invite the purchase of products made with endangered plants or animals; Likewise, it does not invite to carry out practices that threaten the fauna and flora of our country in compliance with Law 1333 of 2009. 

The conservation of the country's natural resources is essential for our development, criminally sanctioning those who attempt against them is necessary to protect them. The Colombian Penal Code includes among these crimes: The illicit use of renewable natural resources, understood as the appropriation, introduction, exploitation, transport, possession, traffic, trade, exploration, use or the own benefit of specimens, products or parts of the fauna, forest, floristic, hydrobiological, biological or genetic resources of the Colombian biodiversity (imprisonment between 48 and 108 months and fines of up to 35,000 smlmv). To ensure the protection of endangered, endangered or migratory, rare or endemic species in Colombian territory, Whoever makes an illicit use of these may see their penalty increased by between a third and a half. The penalties for foreigners who cross the border for the exploitation, exploration or use of natural resources, range from 64 to 144 months in prison and a fine between 133.33 and 45,000 smlmv.



HOTEL CHARLESTON SANTA TERESA is linked to the law of smoke-free spaces in compliance with law 1335/2009 and resolution 1956/2008 of the Ministry of social protection, which prohibits smoking in indoor or closed places of workplaces and / or public places thus favoring the health of our guests and visitors.



HOTEL CHARLESTON SANTA TERESA It does not support the illegal trade of cultural property, we respect and promote the conservation of our culture, in accordance with Law 63 of 1986 for the prevention of illegal traffic in the country's cultural property and Law 1185 of 2008 that seeks the safeguarding, protection, sustainability, dissemination and encouragement for the assets of the cultural heritage of the Nation.



 (…) Everyone has the right to found trade unions and to organize for the defense of their interests. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Art. 1, 2,7, 23.



For more information on our code of conduct blanket employees, guests and suppliers, SEE OFFICIAL DOCUMENT HERE.


"We are promoters of the use of renewable energies, with this we help our environment"