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Cartagena offers countless tourist attractions. Just walking around the city is an experience that can transport you through the centuries and can allow you to take in the sounds, smells and tastes of the joyful Colombian Caribbean.

There is no better way to discover the walled city than by walking or taking a romantic carriage ride. This way, you will have the time to pay attention to all the details that have made Cartagena the source of inspiration for some of the most recognized works of literature in the world.

Just outside the walled city, and near Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa, you can find the Fortress of San Felipe de Barajas. Built in the 17th century by Spanish colonizers, this fortress provides tourists a gateway to the past when visiting its interior full of tunnels, galleries, slopes and traps, all there to protect the fort from potential intruders.
Another attraction not to be missed is the Convent of La Popa, which provides visitors an amazing view of Cartagena from its privileged location at the top of a mountain.

In addition to its captivating history and festive atmosphere, Cartagena also offers, in its vicinity, a wide array of attractions. At the Rosario Islands, a group of small coral islands located near the city, visitors can find attractive beaches and an infinite variety of marine species. The perfect plan for those who love the ocean, practice aquatic sports or simply enjoy relaxing by the shore, a visit to these islands will surely guarantee an unforgettable experience.

For more information on these and other activities and attractions, please feel free to contact the hotel’s staff.